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      Laser Cutting

      Precision laser cutting to within 1000th of an inch.

      Commercial, promotional and industrial laser cutting an a huge variety of materials for almost any design, the only limit is your imagination, and we can help with that too!

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      Laser Marking/Etching

      Intricate laser etching down to the finest detail.

      We etch custom designs onto a large variety of materials such as wood, various metals, various stones, cardboard, leather and more.

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      Wood Burning

      Decorative wood burning. Any kind of wood or board, any design.

      Deep or shallow, sanded or unsanded, for a beautiful 3d wood burnt finish, however you want your piece to look.

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      Metal Cutting

      Precision metal cutting of a large variety of metals to your desired size and design.

      We can cut depths of up to 9 gauge mild steel, 14 gauge stainless steel, hot roll, cold roll and up to 4×8 feet in width & height.

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      Media Blasting (Sand/Garnet)

      High pressure crushed garnet blasting.

      For a rough finish. Fantastic preparation for objects or parts that are to have paint primers or glues applied to them.

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      Media Blasting (Bead)

      High pressure glass bead blasting

      For a smooth, shiny finish. Great for applying an anodized polish on machine parts.

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      Gasket Cutting

      Cutting accuracy of 1000th of an inch.

      If you need multiple gaskets cut to an identical shape and size, we’ve got you covered.

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      Rubber Cutting

      Therabands, rubber gaskets, shoe soles, the list goes on.

      We can cut hard rubber from paper thin, to up to half an inch thick, and thin rubber such as neoprene up to an inch thick

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      Acrylic Cutting

      Decorative acrylic cutting and fire polishing.

      We can cut acrylic up to 1.5 inches thick, and fire polish up to an inch thick.

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