Sand/Garnet Blasting

Perfect for cleaning parts or objects as prep before painting. Applies a nice rough finish.


As well as being great for cleaning parts and priming objects for painting, garnet blasting does a wonderful job of engraving beautiful designs onto various materials such as stone and glass, or applying a satin anodized finish to materials.

With our sand blasting service, we use a crushed garnet instead of sand, as silica found in sand can cause silicosis disease, which is harmful to the lungs when inhaled. That being said, our garnet produces equal if not higher quality results than regular sand ever could, while protecting our health and well being at the same time.

On the acrylic piece featured here, we have sand blasted  ‘S’ and the ‘E’, and bead blasted the A. It may not be easily seen by the photo, but the ‘S’ and ‘E’ have a much rougher finish.

Garnet Blasted Slate

Sandblasted / sand carved promotional trivet / hotplate in slate

More Projects

Multi media - stone, glass steel laser etched laser cut and sandblasted
Multi layer sand carving in slate
Brick and paver etching / sandblasting
Production sandblasted stone coasters for wedding or promotional products
Memorial stones - sandblasted / sand carved
Custom River Rock Cairn award - sandblasted

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