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We offer design, engineering, laser cutting, laser etching, sand etching and metal patina.  We accept small jobs and production runs for creative signs, screens, signage, artistic trophies, custom fixtures and more.

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Our Services

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Fine laser cutting in wood

Laser Cutting

Precision laser cutting to within 1000th of an inch.

Commercial, promotional and industrial laser cutting an a huge variety of materials for almost any design, the only limit is your imagination, and we can help with that too!

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Large metal and acrylic / plexiglass sign for a convention hall

Signs & Signage

Large or small, indoor or outdoor, let us help you create the perfect sign. Whether it’s rustic, modern, lighted, wall mount or freestanding you want, we are here to help. If you know exactly what you want we can cut and or fabricate it for you. If you need some design or engineer help we can do that as well. We stock a huge selection of materials including woods, metals, plastics, leather and many more.

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High definition 3D laser burning

Wood Burning

Decorative wood burning. Any kind of wood or board, any design.

Deep or shallow, sanded or un-sanded, for a beautiful 3d wood burnt finish, however you want your piece to look.

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CNC laser cutting

Metal Cutting

Precision metal cutting of a large variety of metals to your desired size and design.

We can cut depths of up to 9 gauge mild steel, 14 gauge stainless steel, hot roll, cold roll and up to 4×8 feet in width & height.

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Sand blasted slate award

Media Blasting

High pressure crushed garnet blasting for stones or all sizes.  We do not do mobile blasting.

Glass bead blasting for a smooth finish. Great for machine parts that need to be anodized or as a decorative finish on it’s own.

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Multi media - stone, glass steel laser etched laser cut and sandblasted

Custom Awards

One award or hundreds we specialize in creating unique custom awards. If you want something truly unique, you have found the place. Endless choices in materials and processes to take your ideas and bring them to life.  We are also happy to help design one for you if you’re not sure exactly what you want. Large, small and for almost any budget.

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Gasket Cutting

Cutting accuracy of 1000th of an inch.

If you need multiple gaskets cut to an identical shape and size, we’ve got you covered.

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Rubber Cutting

Therabands, rubber gaskets, shoe soles, the list goes on.

We can cut hard rubber from paper thin, to up to half an inch thick, and thin rubber such as neoprene up to an inch thick

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Acrylic Cutting

Decorative acrylic cutting and fire polishing.

We can cut acrylic up to 1.5 inches thick, and fire polish up to an inch thick.

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Natural Stone Trivet

Laser Marking/Etching

Intricate laser etching down to the finest detail.

We etch custom designs onto a large variety of materials such as wood, various metals, various stones, cardboard, leather and more.

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Custom metal cut spice rack

Art Cooperation

We are here to help with your small art project or large public installation.   If you have CAD files and just want it cut we have large format, high wattage lasers that can cut almost anything. If you need help on design, material selection or engineering we are happy to help with that as well. Charles, the owner, went to college for engineering, then years as an artist and now combines all of that with 32 years of manufacturing knowledge.

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Services We Offer
Sandstone carvingSand Carving – High pressure garnet media blasting: 
Custom logo carved in natural sandstone
Laser photo etch on GranitePrecision laser engraving – 600 dpi: 
Photo etch on black granite
Donor tileSand etching – Low pressure garnet media blast: 
Imported slate donor tile with corporate art and text; Denver, CO
Boulder anniversary stoneStone carving – Accented with paint: 
Colorado boulder with personalized art and text
Stone signStone etching -Positive & negative masking process: 
Quartzite stone tile sign with logo and company name
Colorado red standstone with graphicsSand carving on stone – Accented with paint: 
Real Denver, Colorado red sandstone with company graphics
Natural slate award tileGarnet etching – Accented with patina metal and paint: 
Natural slate award tile sand etched with custom art; Denver, CO
Natural sandstone custom paperweight“Sand” blast carving – High pressure media blast: 
Quality natural sandstone carved with custom artwork
Slate donor tileSand etching – Low pressure garnet media blast: 
Imported slate donor tile with Denver corporate art and text
Custom coaster with carved and lasered imageMixed process media blast and laser: 
Media carved natural slate with laser etched text
Lasered corporate logo on slateStone laser etching – 300 dpi: 
Black slate with laser engraved corporate logo
Custom coaster tileStone carved coaster: 
Logo on natural slate tile, Denver, co
Mixed media business signSand carved stone – Accented with patina metal: 
Business sign on quartzite with organic patina steel and paint
Rust removal in preparation for painting Bead or sand blasting on metal: 
Great prep before painting or finishing
Sand carved logo on sandstone Sand Carving – High pressure media blasting: 
Custom logo carved in natural sandstone
Glass bead blasted metal Glass bead blasting on metal – 120 glass bead: 
Great for steel, aluminum, copper and many other materials
Sand etched donor tile on slate Sand etching – Low pressure garnet media blast: 
Imported slate donor tile with corporate art and text; Denver, Colorado
Custom tealight holder with bead blast finish Bead blasting on metal – 200 glass bead: 
Great prep for powder coating, plating or simply clear coat
Colorado red standstone with graphics Sand etching – Accented with paint: 
Real Colorado red sandstone with company graphics; Denver, CO
Natural slate award tile Sand etching – Accented with patina metal and paint: 
Natural slate award tile
Natural sandstone custom paperweight “Sand” blast carving – High pressure garnet blast: 
Quality natural sandstone with custom artwork
Slate donor tile Sand etching – Low pressure garnet media blast: 
Imported slate donor tile with corporate art and text; Denver, CO
Custom coaster with carved and lasered image Mixed process bead blast and laser carved: 
3D laser etch with 140 bead blast finish
Wood business sign sand carved and painted Wood carving using media blasting: 
Creates depth and character reviling the natural wood grain
Custom coaster tile Sand carved coaster: 
Logo on natural slate tile Denver, CO
Glass sanded carved with woodland pattern Glass carving – 3D sandblasting on glass: 
Glass tumbler with custom etching for weddings and more
Laser at work High precision CNC laser table – 96 x 48″: 
Can be expanded to fit larger jobs
Custom tealight holder in metal Intricate laser cutting in metal up to 4 ga steel: 
Custom art, corporate logos and promotional products
1/4 bass wood cutting Precision wood cutting up to 1.5″ thick: 
Modeling, parts, custom puzzles and more
CNC Metal cutting in stainless steel Stainless steel metal cutting up to 7 ga: 
Much finer edge finish than plasma cutting; Denver, CO
Laser cut foam rubber CNC rubber and foam cutting: 
Great for precision gasket cutting and other complicated parts
Corporate promotional coaster holder Promotional products and other special projects: 
18ga steel with rust patina show; Denver, Colorado
Ultra precision media cutting  Ultra Precision Media cutting: 
Sorry no copper or brass
Steel shim stock cutting Hardened shim stock cutting: 
Very high tolerance for almost any application
Acrylic cutting to fine polish CNC Acrylic and plastic cutting up to 1.5″: 
Depending on your needs edge can be cut with a high polish; Denver
Rust removal etch in preparation for painting Sand or bead blasting on metal: 
Leaves a perfect clean etched finish for painting or further finishing
Rust antique ceiling tile Rust patina on steel: 
Natural antiqued rust finishes from brown to red
Glass bead blasted metal Glass bead on metal – Polish to matte: 
Great finish for steel, aluminum, copper and many other materials
Verdigris - Antique green patina finish Organic metal patina: 
Verdigris – Antique green patina finish on copper, brass and bronze
Custom tealight holder with bead blast finish Bead blast metal finishing: 
Simply apply a clear finish after bead polish to create a dramatic effect
Brushed stainless counter display Brushed or ground metal finish on steel: 
Ground metal on stainless shown; Denver, CO
Layered patina on metal Metal patina in a variety of natural colors: 
Organic patina’s in reds, browns, greens and blackened finishes
Metal marking or etching on metal Laser metal marking ” etching “: 
High definition marking or etching
3d wood etching on bass wood 3D laser wood etching / engraving: 
600 DPI dimensional laser etch on wood and more
300 dpi laser etching on black slate Laser etching on stone: 
Black slate with laser etched logo on coaster for promotional products
300 dpi wood burning High resolution wood etching:
Custom art, corporate logos and promotional products; Denver, CO
300 dpi wood burned promotional product Deep laser wood burning: 
Great for rustic promotional products and props
Laser marking on metal Laser marking / etching on metal: 
300 DPI dark gray laser marking on steel
600 dpi wood engraving Intricate laser etching or burning:
Personalized carved in natural sandstone
3D lasered acrylic with bead polish Laser engraved / carved acrylic: 
3D laser engrave with bead blast finish polish; Denver, Colorado
Combo sand carve with laser etching Multi etch garnet and laser engraving:
Imported slate coaster with corporate art and text
600 dpi Photo etching on black granite Photo quality laser etching on stone:
Natural black granite with 600 dpi laser image
Lasered logo etching on terracotta Laser etching on Terracotta: 
300dpi laser etched logo on almost any surface; Denver, CO
Glass etching Laser glass etching / engraving:
Glasses make a great personalized products for weddings & keepsakes
Laser glass engraving Laser glass etching / engraving: 
Signage, house numbers and more in glass, stone or metal
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