Large Format Laser Engraving

Elevate Large Format Laser Engraving for Exquisite Precision and Unforgettable Detail!

Large Format Laser Engraving

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Laser cut wood decorative and functional house screens / dividers
Recycled wood sign with laser burn
Rust Patina laser cut sign
Rust Patina laser cut sign
Rust Patina laser cut sign
Fine laser cutting in wood
Fine laser cutting in wood


How fast can you turn a job around?
Depends on the size.  We are about as fast as you get for our industry.  We can turn around jobs as fat as same day.  There is of course a fee associated with rush jobs.  Our standard lead time on small to medium jobs is 5 day from the time we have artwork and material in house.

How deep can you laser burn or laser etch into wood?

As deep as you want, we have very powerful flying gantry machines that can make deep burn relatively fast. Our machines are 2-20 times as powerful as most laser engravers.

Do you do mobile sandblasting and can you come to our site to do it?

Sorry, no we don’t offer that service.

How tall a object can you get in your lasers?

Our tables have a large range of motion and can accommodate up to 17″ deep part.

How big our your lasers?

Our large machine can hold a 50″ x 120″ sheet with a maximum cutting or engraving area of 48″ x 96″.

How large are you tables?

Our bed / table is 48″ x 96″ and can hold material 51″ x 120″.

. What types of material can you cut?

Almost anything except Copper, Aluminum and some metals: Here is a list of some of the more common materials we blast, burn, carve, cut, engrave, etch and Mark:





Cold Rolled Steel





Fabric Cloth



Galvanized Steel



Hot Rolled Steel



Mild Steel

Natural Stone







Sheet Magnets

Shim Stock


Stainless Steel







Can you cut Copper, brass or bronze?

No we can not cut copper, brass or bronze.

Can you cut Aluminum?

At this time we can’t cut Aluminum thicker than 1/32 thick and we can’t cut copper or brass.

Can you cut gaskets?

Yes we can cut gaskets and seals.

Can you cut wood?

Yes we can cut wood up to 1″ thick.

Can you cut Delrin?

Yes, up to 3/4″ thick.

Can you cut acrylic?

Yes we can cut acrylic up to 1.5″ thick and 1″ thick with a nice fire polished edge.

Can you cut fabric or cloth?

Yes we can.

Can you cut stone?

Yes we can but not on the laser. We cut stone on a diamond saw and are limited to 24″ in one direction.

Can you cut rubber?

Yes, up to 1.5″ thick depending on the density?

Can you cut silicone?

Yes, up to 1″ thick.

Can you cut foam?

Most types of foam we can cut up to 2″ but as the material gets thicker the edge kerf gets more beveled due to the beam getting out of focus.

Can you cut glass?

We can etch glass, sand carve it, sand blast it but we can’t cut it.

Can you cut leather?

Yes we can

Can you cut plastic?

Most plastics we cut unless they contain Vinyl or PVC (Polyvinylcloride).  Sintra one example of a PVC plastic. These plastics create chloride gas when cut and are deadly.

Can you cut galvanized steel?

Yes we can galvanized steel up to 11ga or 1/8″

Can you cut steel?

Yes we can cut steel up to 7ga or 3/16″.

Can you laser cut stainless steel?

Yes we can cut stainless steel up to 13ga.

Can you laser cut hot rolled steel?

Yes we can laser cut hot rolled steel up to 7 ga or 3/16″ thick

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Office visits are by appointment only, please contact us if you would like to meet to discuss your project in person.

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